We’ve been awarded a 2021 SIKA Award for our steep slope roof work at Adams State University — check it out here.

Low Slope Roofing

Low Slope? No Problem

With roofing as the core of our business, Douglass Colony is the right choice for all your roofing needs. Low slope roofs have a different gradient and therefore different needs than a steep slope roof. We guarantee each of our customers that they’ll be satisfied with any and all of the work we do.

What We Can offer

Douglass Colony is here to help you with every aspect of your low-slope roof. Aside from consultations, budgeting, and construction, we also offer detailed inspections, recommendations of the right roofing systems for your building, and of course complete observance of and compliance with city requirements and building codes.

Low Slope Services

Roofing - Low Slope - Service - Analysis


Our experts will do a full sweep of your location to ensure they know all the facts before planning the work.

Roofing - Low Slope - Service - Planning


We plan every aspect of a project before ever getting started, avoiding costly surprises and unforeseen delays

Roofing - Low Slope - Service - Budgeting


Avoid unforeseen expenses and get a realistic estimate from the get-go.

Roofing - Low Slope - Service - Installation

Contracting and Installation

From step one to the final stage, Douglass Colony has the right experts for the job.

Low Slope Benefits

Consistent Temperatures

With less space below the roof, the amount of extra air in your building is minimized putting less strain on heating and cooling systems.


Without the steep incline, low slope roofs are a breeze to inspect and maintain.

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