Below Grade Waterproofing

Protection from All Sides

While not all builds require Below Grade (or vertical) waterproofing, for those that do it’s an essential part of protecting your building. Depending on the project, Douglass Colony could use either a hot-applied reinforced membrane or a sheet membrane product. We have a long history of waterproofing expertise and have the capabilities to ensure correct product specifications and proper installation every time.

Here From Step One

With many notable completed projects behind us such as the Hyatt Downtown in Denver, the St. Julien Hotel in Boulder, and the Residences at 29th street in Boulder, Douglass Colony can help you with waterproofing from idea to completion. We provide a range of services including planning and consultation, budgeting, design, and of course, installation and maintenance.

Benefits of Below Grade Waterproofing

Complete Protection

Surfaces below ground level are extra vulnerable to water and moisture.


There are many different below grade waterproofing options available to fit your build.

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