What our customers have to say

On behalf of Saunders Construction Company, I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank you for Douglass/Colony‘s exceptional performance on DU Community Commons. Throughout the project, Stephen Russell, Armando Castaneda, Jan Malec and the rest of your team has been dependable and sound leaders; consistently maintaining an outstanding level of safety, schedule, and quality. Thank you and we look forward to collaborating for success in the future!

Brett Joblinske

Senior Superintendent, Saunders Construction Company

I love the job, the people make me feel welcome. For the first time in a long time I look forward to working. My future is bright. Only up from here.

John Kirby

FRAMECAD Assembly Technician

Throughout the duration of the project your team was extremely flexible and worked hard to mitigate impact on city business… All these efforts resulted in strong support from the community, and elected officials… The solar system is performing better than projected. We congratulate you on this achievement.

Toby D. Maez Jr

Sustainability Coordinator, Commerce City, CO

The time saved and quality control of the Douglass Colony panelized system is beneficial for the entire project team– as it is cost effective, time efficient and allows versatility in fast track projects requiring field modifications at minimal impact to the system.

Michael T. Rigdon

CEO, MR Drywall, LLC

Douglass Colony was responsible for a substantial portion of the exterior skin of the hotels, including roofing, vertical wall insulation, sheet metal wall panels, sheet metal flashings and pavers. With such a large contribution to the exterior, it’s inarguable to say that Douglass Colony played a big role in achieving the overall architectural appearance of the building.

Scott Heldt

Superintendent, Milender White

I can say without hesitation Douglass Colony performed an outstanding job to even go as far to say one of the best I’ve ever been a part of.

Mark Hammons

Property Manager, First National Bank of Omaha

Douglass Colony did a wonderful job working with our customer service department to get material to the project site in the very busy downtown of Denver… The final appearance of the project was outstanding.

Jim Greenwell

Regional Manager, Sika Corporation

This scope of the project was incredibly challenging but it would not have been done in the timeframe required without DCGs added effort and commitment to completing the project. I would not hesitate in recommending Douglass Colony for any waterproofing needs.

Blane Peterson

Project Manager – Drivetrain

This very complicated project included blindside waterproofing for a shotcrete basement wall, a Hydrotech roof system, 3 separate EPDM roofs that tied into existing structures, and replacement of existing clay tile roofing. It was reassuring to know we had a trade partner looking out for the contractors’, owners’, and architects’ best interests. I look forward to working with Douglas Colony on future waterproofing and roofing projects.

Jeb Blair

Superintendent – Haselden Construction

I appreciate the push to get [the work at YVMC] done quickly and efficiently, and the canopy work looks great. I appreciate your help in that successful schedule. Thanks for the hard work to get this phase successfully completed

Anonymous, YVMC project

Great company, thanks to (my Supervisor) for giving me the opportunity to be part of this community, I’m very grateful. He is not just a boss, he is a leader.

Marie Velez

Great company, a lot of opportunities. (My Supervisor) is the best boss I have ever had!

Fernando Santiago

We all know that good housekeeping is the first step to a safe work area. The roof work is exemplary!

Our compliments to the roofing team! I have been on a lot of roofs during laydown and coating and am usually concerned – for their safety and mine! I have never seen a crew with such pre-planned equipment and tool placement, or so neat a work area. Generally, the material, supplies, cords, hoses and tools are scattered all ‘round and it’s a general mess. I have not seen the tubes of material staged where they are available and easy-to-use. Gary and I were super impressed. Add to that the foreman(?) who cruised thru’ and handed out water bottles to everyone. Heat stress is a major issue during that job. Please pass on to the crew (I couldn’t read their vests) that we appreciate the attention to getting it done right and safely.

EHS Sr Representative

EHS Sr. Representative - Agilent