Metal Composite Materials

The New Standard

Metal Composite Material (MCM) is a sleek, high-end performance metal product that has set the bar for design and architecture in today’s building industry. Offering a wide variety of metal options, finishes, and colors, MCM provides limitless customization possibilities for any type of project. This, combined with the low-maintenance, weather resistance, fire retardant, and long-lasting qualities, makes using MCM both aesthetically pleasing and practical.

From commercial to custom residential, Douglass Colony is the industry leader in the design, fabrication, and installation of composite panel systems. We offer back ventilated and pressure equalized systems as well as barrier and gasket sealed panel systems. Combined with air and moisture barriers and thermally isolated continuous insulation systems, we have all your exterior metal envelope solutions.

Our Capabilities

With some of the top MCM fabrication capabilities in all of Colorado, Douglass Colony accepts and excels at the widest range of projects with the most demanding designs. We design, fabricate, and install custom rolled and uniquely shaped panels using a combination of laser scanning, CAD design, and an automated CNC facility.

If exterior building envelope construction is what you’re after, look no further. Douglass Colony is the leading expert on moisture protection, exterior insulation systems, flashing standards and installation methods. That expertise combined with our relationships with industry professionals means we coordinate with masons, glaziers, and framing specialists to ensure the work gets done right the first time.

MCM Uses

Metal Composite Materials on an Office Building

Office Buildings

Metal Composite Materials on retail building

Retail/Mixed Use

Metal Composite Materials on a Multifamily Housing building

Multi-family Housing

Metal Composite Materials on an Education building


Metal Composite Materials on a Medical building


Metal Composite Materials on a Corporate building

Corporate Identity

MCM Benefits


MCM has transformed modern architecture by offering a tremendous variety of colors, finishes, textures, and shapes. One of the main benefits of MCM over sheet metal is its unparalleled flatness. Additionally, MCM panels can be bent and curved to add a creative aesthetic look to any building without the dreaded ‘oil canning’. Douglass Colony Group continues to develop new design and fabrication techniques that provide more options and can create materials in sizes that exceed the standard 5ftx16ft maximum.


Finish and fade warranties for MCM are some of the best in the industry. Combine our phenolic core products with high-quality finishes and you get a more durable product that protects against weather and fading, and comes with a 30-year finish warranty to withstand the elements.


3D cloud point scanning technology, faster, streamlined installation, and shorter lead times allows us to complete jobs faster, reduce downtime, lower maintenance costs, and eliminate scrap materials to increase long-term project affordability.

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