We’ve been awarded a SIKA Award for our steep slope roof work at Adams State University — check it out here.

Solar Capabilities

Tap the Potential of the Sky

Douglass Colony offers complete solar energy design, engineering, procurement, installation, maintenance, and repair services to customers in the Denver and greater Colorado area. With expert workmanship and unmatched dedication to quality, technology, and our customers, our solar energy division provides comprehensive support and service every step of the way.

Whether you’re looking for solar solutions for new construction or existing properties, commercial or residential, we make your solar project a success. In fact, we rise to the challenge and excel at jobs other companies won’t take on.

Solar PV Applications

Roof Mounted PV

Roof Mounted PV

Ballasted or attached arrays.

Solar - Service - Carport Canopy PV

Carport/Canopy PV

Make the most of your space.

Ground Mount PV

Ground Mount PV

Put open land to use.

Custom PV Awnings

Custom PV Awnings

We rise to any installation challenge.

Sustainability That Pays Off

Solar Tax Credits

As an incentive for installing solar panels, the Federal Government offers the Investment Tax Credit (ITC) for 26% of project costs, which can be used to offset your taxes the following year.

Utility Incentives and Renewable Energy Credits (RECs)

Your commercial solar system not only provides energy savings, but many utilities also offer additional incentives and Renewable Energy Credits.

Bonus Depreciation

Solar PV qualifies for 100% Bonus Depreciation under the Federal Modified Accelerated Cost-Recovery System (MACRS).

Solar Services

Douglass Colony’s solar experts can help you with every aspect of any project. Below is an overview of the solar services we provide.

  • Detailed Site Assessment & Analysis
  • Design and Energy Modeling
  • Financial Modeling
  • Financing Options
  • Complete Design & Engineering
  • Utility Applications
  • Direct Product Procurement
  • Solar Permitting Services
  • Turnkey Solar Installation Services
  • Online Data Monitoring
  • Solar Panel Cleaning
  • Any Panel Maintenance & Service

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Green Construction

Deciding between a Green roof and a Solar roof? Why not both? Douglass Colony’s in-house roofing and solar experts are here to help you decide what’s best for your building. Denver’s Green Roof Initiative can be complex which is why we’re offering a free consultation to explore the most beneficial options for your project. Green and Solar construction mean less energy consumption, lower maintenance costs, and higher occupant satisfaction. Plus, it can result in tax credits for both commercial enterprises and private residences.

As a green building and roof expert, Douglass Colony has embraced its corporate and green building responsibilities starting with our very own office, which is LEED Silver certified. Proud to be on the forefront of green building in Colorado, Douglass Colony has numerous experienced LEED professionals on staff to assist you with your Colorado Green Building and Denver Green Roof Initiative projects. As one of the most experienced companies providing solar panels in Denver and beyond, our team is ready to provide you with a wide range of solar services, from planning to installation to service and repair.