Denver Art Museum

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The Denver Art Museum (DAM) is a classic, 70-year-old Colorado landmark. When the museum asked for help expanding their facilities, Douglass Colony knew it would require all of the technical and creative expertise gathered over decades of experience. With a definitive concept and artistic form already in place, the team had to work hard to honor DAM’s current creativity with innovative solutions that matched both the look and spirit of the museum.

With custom concave glass imported from Germany, hand-fabricated scalloped panels, and a roof designed to last 100 years, Douglass Colony set to work expanding the museum. To complement the existing aesthetic, uncommon materials like zinc-coated copper were blended with inventive designs to create something truly memorable.

When unforeseen winter weather arrived, multiple crews were put forth that could work together seamlessly to deliver results on time. Conversely, after the cold the next challenge was heat. The copper standing seam roof consisted of elements that reached temperatures of 140 degrees Fahrenheit in direct sunlight. That meant that crews had to work exclusively out of secured man lifts making the challenge of securing and installing detail components all the more difficult.

It wasn’t easy, but it was worth it. After months of work, the build was completed on time. As one of the top 20 attended museums in North America, the new addition to the Denver Art Museum will have a positive impact on Denver and the surrounding communities. Douglass Colony is proud to have enabled the museum to continue its important educational and cultural work for years to come.

Year completed


Project Area

44’000 Sq Ft

Project Type

Culture and Entertainment

Materials used


Sarnafil 80mil G410 PVC Roofing

Zinc-Coated Copper

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