Keeping Your Assets Dry

Douglass Colony Group provides professional all-weather roof and garden waterproofing services in Denver and the entire Rocky Mountain region to help safeguard your building against leaks and water damage.The lack of proper waterproofing measures can lead to a variety of problems including leaks, foundation issues, health issues related to mold, and spoiled furniture, carpets, and belongings.

Douglass Colony provides waterproofing services for both flat and steep roofs to prevent moisture from reducing the structural integrity of your building and are also ready at any time to provide leak or water damage repairs.

Using industry-leading partners providing the best materials available, our team ensures every commercial waterproofing project is completed to the highest quality standards for complete customer satisfaction.

Vertical vs. Horizontal Waterproofing

Horizontal waterproofing is a crucial component to maintaining a watertight seal. In most situations, we apply the membrane over a finished space such as a patio, terrace, planter or roof garden using hot-applied reinforced membrane from top manufacturers.

Vertical, or below grade, waterproofing can be just as important but may not be needed for all types of construction. Using either a hot-applied reinforced membrane or a sheet membrane, we will protect the life and success of your building. See the button below for more on Vertical waterproofing.

Waterproofing Services

Construction worker laying Hot Fluid-Applied Rubberized Asphalt

Hot Fluid-Applied Rubberized Asphalt

For roof and terrace decks, garden and green roofs, plaza pavers, split-slabs and foundation walls.

construction workers laying Foundation Waterproofing

Foundation Waterproofing

Blindside applications with HDPE, bentonite and thermoplastic membrane systems. Post-applied applications with bituthene and fluid-applied membrane systems.

Construction workers doing Waterproofing Coatings

Waterproofing Coatings

PMMA, traffic and roof coatings for areas of all shapes and sizes.


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LEED & Green Services

Green building practices are designed to use resources more efficiently, reduce the overall impact of the building on the environment and community, and improve the overall health and productivity of its inhabitants. By utilizing LEED and Green building practices, owners receive economic, social, and environmental benefits that continue to be realized for years after building completion. Douglass Colony Group is proud to be on the forefront of green building in Colorado. With numerous experienced LEED AP professionals on staff, we can assist you with your Colorado Green Building and ensure your next LEED project is done right.


The Benefits of Commercial Roof Waterproofing

Discover the advantages of commercial waterproofing for your building. Save on repairs, improve efficiency, secure your investment, and use your building’s horizontal roof areas for living spaces.

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Roofing a work of art

Douglass Colony Group helps renovate the Denver Art Museum