Country Club Towers

Metals, Roofing, Flat, Waterproofing, Terraces/Plaza Pavers

With Colorado’s population on the rise, there had never been a more perfect opportunity for a residential project as ambitious as the Country Club Towers. Two 32-story high rise apartment buildings featuring 558 apartments, fitness center, pool, 20’000 square-foot amenity deck, and more.

With a lofty goal of getting the first tenants to move in just a year after breaking ground, Douglass Colony got to work. The tight timeline meant daily goals had to be met to keep the enormous project on track. One of those daily goals was installing 50 pavers a day for a grand total 6’000. Each paver had to be individually marked and installed, each one requiring a great effort.

The Douglass Colony was also tasked with handling roofing and waterproofing for both towers. A task that was complicated further by the presence of so many crews working in synch throughout the build. Unfortunately, many trades took advantage of roof space as storage space and destroyed the work that had been done, requiring the team to start over.

Wind is always a factor on tall buildings, and at 32 stories up, you can feel every breeze. Therefore, immense safety precautions were put in place. The precautions were followed to the letter, resulting in zero incidents throughout the entire build.

Today, the Country Club Towers are among the most premiere residences in Denver, and Douglass Colony is proud to have been able to provide luxurious and well-designed homes to so many.

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