Safety at Douglass Colony

Zero Tolerance. Complete Safety.

At Douglass Colony, we provide the latest training and equipment, enabling us to enforce a zero-tolerance culture of safety. By building a healthy, manageable, and enforceable program replicated from the workshop floor to the CEO’s office, each team member shares a vision for complete and total safety in every aspect of every project. Douglass Colony remains vigilant and focused on tracking safety trends and makes necessary changes to stay up-to-date on policies.

Our safety record is one of the best in the industry. With an incredibly low Experience Modification Rate we have set the standard for safer work practices and have an impeccable safety record which is why many of our partners often choose to work with us.

Douglass Colony also employs a full-time Safety Director and a Safety Inspector. Our dedicated safety team has decades of extensive industry experience combined and receives ongoing education regarding evolving safety requirements and resources.

Benefits of a Safe Workplace

Safety First and Foremost

A workplace culture promoting safety ensures the idea permeates through all employees and job sites, lowering work-related incidents. Our employees perform at a higher standard because they feel safe on the job and trust their crew.


Thorough safety practices eliminate potential hazards and project disruptions.

The Best for the Best

Employee safety is our top priority. That is why we implement an evolving safety culture which attracts the industry’s top talent, giving us a competitive edge. Douglass Colony surpasses OSHA requirements to ensure the safety of our team members

Safety Training

Douglass colony group provides ongoing training to ensure a safe work site and raise safety-awareness for all employees. Every single one of our foremen and lead men are, at minimum, 30-hour OSHA certified, but we go above and beyond the minimum providing training on everything from foremen refreshers, to job specific hazard analysis to fall protection. Plus, all new employees go through a safety orientation training before being allowed to even set foot on a job site.

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