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The Right Foundation to Grow In

Along with any roof or terrace garden comes the need for Garden Waterproofing—a vital service for protecting buildings against water damage and leaks when installing a garden. Whether you’re creating an oasis in compliance with the Denver Green Roof Initiative or simply want to add a gorgeous green space to your building, turn to the LEED certified professionals from Douglass Colony.

From Seed to Harvest

Douglass Colony has extensive experience waterproofing all sorts of garden systems. We can help from inception, nurturing the seed of your vision and growing it into reality. From consultations to budgeting and from design to installation, trust the expert at Douglass Colony to get your garden waterproofed without obstacles.

Garden Waterproofing Services

With years of expertise, Douglass Colony can provide top-level services for all types of garden systems

Garden Rooftop Plaza Deck

Rooftop Plaza Decks

Beautiful and beneficial, garden rooftop plaza decks and terraces are not only aesthetically pleasing but help increase the life expectancy of your roof, improve stormwater retention, and thermal resistance.

Garden Modular Tray System Waterproofing

Modular Tray Systems

Simple, flexible, and cost effective, our pre-engineered soil and plant-filled modular trays allow you to quickly install and enjoy a seamless, mature green roof without grid lines or container edges.

Garden Intensive Extensive Gardens Waterproofing

Intensive and Extensive Gardens

Choose from an intensive rooftop garden, full of various sizes and types of plants, trees, topography changes, and walkways or a low-maintenance, lightweight extensive garden assembly perfect for multi-family residential buildings.

Benefits of Garden Waterproofing

Financial Savings

Roof and terrace gardens lead to lower heating and cooling costs.

Heat Reduction

The urban heat island effect is greatly reduced in buildings with roof gardens.

Cleaner Air

Greenery produces oxygen and cleans the air around it.

Increased Roof Life Expectancy

Roof gardens diminish the need and cost of future re-roofing.

Stormwater Runoff

A properly installed roof or terrace garden will minimize stormwater runoff.


Installing a garden provides a livable, life-quality-enhancing environment for both humans and wildlife.

Steps to Success

1. Waterproofing

We use Monolithic Membrane 6125 which is bonded directly to the substrate to create a completely seamless watertight foundation.

2. Electronic Leak Detection

With reliable, noninvasive electronic leak detection technology, we protect against leaks, and can identify defective areas.

3. Drainage

Douglass Colony uses a variety of drainage mediums based on the application and desired results, from standard drain materials to Garden drain materials which aid in water retention and irrigation of plat materials.

4. Insulation

Placed above the roof membrane and root barriers, our polystyrene insulation layer is a closed cell, dimensionally stable product with a high r-value.

5. Overburden

Douglass Colony builds a variety of overburden rooftop applications including Rooftop Plaza Decks, Modular Trays, and both Intensive and Extensive Garden Assemblies.

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