Metal Wall Panels

Built To Last

Built strong and flexible, prefabricated metal wall panels have a lifetime of up to 50 years and beyond. All Douglass Colony sheet metal wall panels are available in a wide variety of finishes including galvanized, galvalume, pre-finished steel, pre-finished aluminum, copper, zinc, stainless steel, and rusting steel. As one of the region’s premier specialty contractors, we can design and create interior and exterior metal wall panels in our facility or at your site. With decades of expertise and experience working on some of the toughest builds in the region, there’s no design we can’t handle.

Multiple Options

Our range of panels gives us a huge spectrum of materials and techniques to work with to successfully create builds of the highest quality. Wall Panels can seem complicated but Douglass Colony offers help with everything from planning, to budgeting, to design, ensuring your satisfaction with the finished product.

Wall Panel Services

Custom wall panels

Custom Work

Douglass colony has the capability to create custom-rolled and uniquely-shaped panels for any build.

Commercial Metal Wall Panels

Wide Range of Materials

Options include Sheet Metal panels, Plate panels, Fiber Cement panels, Laminate panels, Terra Cotta Panels, and Extruded Plank Systems.

Weatherproofing Wall Panels


We can coordinate and install fluid and sheet applied air and weather barriers as well as exterior continuous insulation and support frame systems. From mineral wool to sealed joint barrier insulation systems, we have you (and your building) covered.

Sheet Metal commercial roof with Exposed Fastner

Exposed Fastener

Used for exterior applications and interior applications such as liner panels and other architectural elements.

Sheet Metals with Concealed Fastner

Concealed Fastener

Available in many options, these panels show no fasteners when installed.

Sheet Metals - Foam Core

Foam Core

Serving as its own vapor barrier, foam core paneling is a cost-effective choice.

Benefits of Metal Wall Panels

Fully Customizable

Metal wall panels are available in a range of colors and finishes allowing us to create the finished product you desire.

Engineered for Each Project

We design and fabricate your panels from scratch, making sure they’re made to the exact specifications of your build.


Metal wall panels are built to last and serve as a solid foundation.

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