Why Your Commercial Building Needs Waterproofing

Think commercial waterproofing is a step you can skip? Think again. Inexpensive and convenient, this treatment can prolong the life of your building and potentially save you many thousands of dollars in damages. It can also add significant property value.

Protecting your infrastructure and making sure your property’s value is maximized is the key to sustainable commercial real estate management. Water damage can be both costly and frustrating to deal with, particularly in low-lying or storm-prone areas. Water can seep in through cracks in walls, leaky windows, sweating or cracked pipes, and many other typical problem areas. Waterproofing systems mitigate the problem, allowing you to make it right before serious issues like foundation damage or black mold set in. The areas of concern aren’t limited to just basements: the mildew and mold caused by water seepage can contaminate any part of a building, causing discomfort and potentially serious health issues for your workforce.

Roof waterproofing is also a popular option. Leaks from storms or broken gutters can cause serious problems for the highest levels of your building as well as your roof support system. Spray polyurethane foam fills the cracks and crevices, expanding and drying to make it airtight. When applied properly, this coating will last over 10 years.

For the sense of security that it gives you as a commercial property owner, commercial waterproofing is a great investment. You deserve the peace of mind that comes with knowing your investment is protected, and you can pat yourself on the back knowing that you’re saving yourself repairs and frustration down the road.

Protect your commercial property today by calling Douglass Colony’s waterproofing installation experts and making an appointment for an evaluation: (303) 288-2635.

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