Why is Sustainable Green Building Important?

Constructing the world’s buildings and homes requires vast amounts of natural resources and a great deal of energy. Once buildings are erected they continue to place a burden on the environment by producing CO2 emissions, generating waste material that will be disposed of in landfills, and taxing water systems.

All of these negative impacts have made it increasingly important for contractors to adhere to green building practices.

With more than 200 LEED construction projects under our belt and many LEED accredited professionals on staff, Douglass Colony is deeply committed to using green construction principles to improve the environmental and economic health of buildings in our communities.

What are the Benefits of Green Building?

The primary goal of green initiatives is to lessen the burden on our environment. By laying the groundwork for efficient energy usage, waste reduction, and better water management, our contractors can help significantly reduce negative impacts created by buildings.

Of course, green construction isn’t only beneficial for the environment. Building owners also have a lot to gain by choosing environmentally friendly practices. For starters, energy-efficient systems are much cheaper to operate. Additionally, improved indoor air quality and the introduction of more natural light can boost morale and productivity of workers.

Have You Heard of LEED?

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design is administered by the U.S. Green Building Council, also known as USGBC, which is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to green building. Contractors and other businesses can become a part of the USGBC LEED program by building within a rating system. They set the standards that builders abide by to be considered “green.”

LEED accreditation is only given to contractors who know the guidelines and can pass the test. Douglass Colony delivers LEED construction backed by a staff of accredited professionals.

Douglass Colony is a Green Builder!

Green building is a design and construction practice that is currently driving innovation our industry. If you want to get in on the benefits of green construction for yourself, your company, your community, and your environment, contact Douglass Colony today.

We are the Rocky Mountain Region’s premier green building contractor! Call 303-288-2635.

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