Sun Damage: A Real Threat to Commercial Roofing in Denver

Maintaining your commercial roofing in Denver isn’t just about securing the people and things in your building. Because a total replacement project can be so costly, identifying and combatting the biggest threats to your roof is just a financially smart move to make.

Most commercial property owners are aware of the dangers posed by wind, hail and heavy rain, but too many fail to realize that everyday sunshine also is a very real threat. The leaks that are exposed by rainfall aren’t necessarily caused by storm damage – they may actually be a result of sun damage.

Sunlight streams down on your roof’s surface all year round. Over time, it can lead to many forms of destruction. Heat or direct sun exposure can cause wear on many different materials and components that make up roofs. To combat this problem, your roof needs to reflect the sun’s infrared radiation rather than absorb it.

According to an esteemed Denver contractor, there have been studies conducted that show how reflective and cooler roofs actually minimize ozone and other atmospheric pollutants. These cooler roofs can also help by reducing energy costs associated with AC loads during the hot summer months. The cost of applying a reflective roof surface to commercial buildings can easily be amortized with the reduced consumption of electricity during hotter seasons.

Douglas Colony custom fabricates aluminum sunscreens to help commercial building in Denver from the sun. Installation is quick and the available options vary from complex tie rod concepts to simple cantilevered designs.

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