Terumo BCT is a global leader in blood component and cellular technologies. Not only are they striving to make safer, higher quality transfusions available to more people, they support researchers developing cellular therapies that could fundamentally improve health care.

When it came time for Terumo to build a new, global headquarters in Lakewood, CO, they turned to the only building company as advanced as themselves: Douglass Colony.

DCG knew that a company as innovative as Terumo needed an environment to match and excitedly took on the challenge which proved to be unlike anything they had done before.

With the exception of the windows, DCG took on the entire skin of the building. To create the walls, high-end, exotic materials such as Parklex real wood and pre-weathered Jarden zinc panels were installed from the wall sheathing out. The result is a practical and efficient build with a cutting-edge appearance to match the business calling it home.

Harder to see, but equally important, was the replacement and installation of the 175kW solar array that had been destroyed by a major hailstorm the previous year. All of the old panels were packed up to be recycled while we tried to re-use as much of the original installation as possible so as to not create waste.

What’s more, every single material used by DCG on this build was a natural resource either containing recycled elements or completely recyclable themselves. This allowed the building to achieve LEED certification points for both recycled content as well as locally manufactured material.

Terumo now has a three-story, 120,000 square foot headquarters to call home that stands as a testament to the cutting-edge work being done inside its halls.

Year completed


Project Area

120’000 Sq Ft

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Materials used

Jarden Zinc


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