Sustainable Green Building Construction

As a green building and roof expert, Douglass Colony has embraced its corporate and green building responsibilities starting with our very own office, which is Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Silver certified. Proud to be on the forefront of green building in Colorado, Douglass Colony has numerous experienced LEED AP professionals on staff to assist you with your Colorado Green Building and Denver Green Roof Initiative projects.

Green Roof, Solar Roof, or Both?

Douglass Colony’s in-house roofing and solar experts experts can help you decide. Denver’s Green Roof Initiative is complex with few flexible options on how to meet the requirements. Schedule you free consultation today to explore the most beneficial options for your project.

Green Roofs & Waterproofing

Add some tranquility and sustainability to your roof with a variety of garden roofing system options such as pre-engineered interlocking planting modules or monolithic reinforced 215mil. thick waterproofing membrane with topping soil and vegetation.

Commercial Solar Roofing

From awnings and carports to ground and roof panel mounts, our solar panel division will help design, engineer, install, and maintain your commercial solar roofing, no matter the size or scale of the project.

Green Roofs plus Commercial Solar

Combine our expert commercial roofing services with our green roofs, waterproofing, and solar options to create the ultimate, most cost-effective rooftop haven that is not only energy-efficient and beautiful but also meets the standards for Denver’s Green Roof Initiative.

Protecting People and the Planet

Sustainable Green Building Construction uses a variety of practices and techniques aimed at reducing or ultimately eliminating the impact of a building on the environment and human health—and the proof of success is in the numbers.

Less Energy & Emissions

On average, sustainably constructed buildings consume 26% less energy and have 33% less greenhouse gas emissions.

Lower Maintenance Costs

Green Building Construction lowers building maintenance costs by an average of 13% by reducing energy costs from using reflective roof coverings, application of green roofs to reduce heating and cooling needs, utilizing industry proven products and techniques to reduce the possibility of roof replacements.

Higher Occupant Satisfaction

Not only do Green Building practices use resources more efficiently and reduce the overall impact to the environment and community, they are also designed to improve employee health and productivity resulting in 27% higher occupant satisfaction.

Reduce Your Environmental Footprint

Get your building up to Denver Green Roof Initiative standards. Call us today to speak with one of our certified LEED APs and schedule your free consultation.