Metal Composite Material

Introduced over 40 years ago, Metal Composite Material (MCM) is a sleek, high-end performance metal product that has set the standard for design and architecture in today’s building industry.
With such a wide variety of metal options, finishes, and colors, MCM provides limitless customization possibilities for any type of project. This, combined with the low-maintenance, weather resistance, fire retardant, and long lasting qualities, makes using MCM both aesthetically pleasing and practical.

Top Uses For Composite Metal Panels

From commercial to custom residential, Douglass Colony is the industry leader in the design, fabrication, and installation of composite panel systems.
With some of the top MCM fabrication capabilities in all of Colorado, Douglass Colony accepts and excels at the widest range of projects with the most demanding designs. Here we design, fabricate, and install custom rolled and uniquely shaped panels using a combination of laser scanning, CAD design, and an automated CNC facility.

Office Buildings
Multi family housing
Corporate Identity

Discover Better Design and Long-Term Value

Set your building apart now and for years to come by choosing composite metal panels for your next construction project.

Versatility and Variety

MCM has transformed modern architecture by offering a tremendous variety of colors, finishes, textures, and shapes that can be bent and curved to add a creative aesthetic look to any building.

30-Year Finish Warranty

Combine our phenolic core products with high-quality finishes and you get a more durable product that protects against fading and scratching and comes with a 30-year guarantee to withstand the elements.


3D cloud point scanning technology, faster, streamlined installation, and shorter lead times allows us to complete jobs faster, reduce downtime, lower maintenance costs, and eliminate scrap materials to increase long-term project affordability.

Metal Composite Material Options

MCM has numerous options that are available to allow design and system flexibility. They are also typically offered as two different types of products: standard and with the optional fire-rated core.


  • Standard solid polyethylene
  • Corrugated polyethylene
  • Fire retardant
  • Solid phenolic

  • Track molding
  • Route and return barrier system
  • Route and return rainscreen system
  • Route and return gasket system
  • Glazed in systems

  • Standard and custom colors and natural metals and finishes such as:
    • – Copper
    • – Zinc
    • – Titanium
    • – Stainless steel
    • – Brushed or polished aluminum
    • – Matte or textured finishes
    • – Simulated stone, wood, and rust

Your Metal Composite Material Needs, Solved

As Colorado’s top fabricator of MCM, Douglass Colony can tackle the widest range of projects with ease. Get in touch with our team today to learn how we can help your project succeed.