FrameCAD: High Quality Buildings in a Fraction of the Time!

As the only manufacturer equipped with FrameCAD in Denver and the entire Rocky Mountain Region, Douglass Colony can deliver an unmatched level of quality and efficiency to your commercial construction project.

Our team utilizes innovative FrameCAD software and manufacturing technology to design and manufacture strong, durable, and fit-for-purpose buildings in 1/4 of the time it takes to complete conventional framing.

Let us streamline the entire design build process for you!

  • Use your existing design or have Douglass Colony FrameCAD expert designers guide you through a custom design.
  • FrameCAD design software delivers robust and reliable structures every time!
  • There is no need for the framing contractor to retain an engineer to design and seal shop drawings. Douglass Colony provides engineer-sealed shop drawings.
  • The incredible accuracy of the FrameCAD system allows our team to mass produce cold-formed steel frames to precisely match the needs of your project.
  • End-to-end steel frame connectors are designed for durability, performance, and rapid construction. It’s the most advanced, efficient end-to-end steel frame building solution, and it only requires 1/4 of the time of conventional framing.
  • Other features include pre-fabricated stud wall panels (exterior and interior load bearing, exterior curtain / by-pass walls and interior partitions), floor trusses in a multitude of depths and spans, roof trusses in a variety of profiles, and blocking trusses.
Choose Douglass Colony and FrameCAD!

We can provide all the design inspiration, support services, building products, and technical expertise you need. FrameCAD’s advanced technology will ensure the success of your commercial construction project!

To learn more about how our world-class design build solutions are the answer for your commercial construction challenges, fill out the form or contact Douglass Colony at 303-288-2635 today. We are the only contractor utilizing FrameCAD in Denver and the Rocky Mountain Region!

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