FRAMECAD® Design and Build Solutions

Turn architectural inspiration into commercial reality much faster and more cost effectively than ever before with FRAMECAD. As the world’s most advanced end-to-end steel frame design and manufacturing system, FRAMECAD allows Douglass Colony to mass produce cold formed steel frames with precision, accuracy, and speed.

The Many Uses for FRAMECAD

From CAD design to a fully constructed building, FRAMECAD’s panelized metal stud framing is changing the way construction is done.

Internal Drywall Framing
Multi Family Living
Mixed-Use Buildings


The Benefits of Building with Steel

FRAMECAD’s accurate steel frame system enables total architectural and design flexibility that is fast, cost effective, sustainable, durable, and safe, all while being an exceptionally resistant and long-lasting option.

Cost Effective and Quick to Build

Construction is quick and simple with FRAMECAD’s accurate steel frame system components. Get low-cost, low skilled labor, high quality results all in ¼ the time for any project, regardless of the dimensions.

Strong and Design Flexible

Steel’s inherent strength enables architectural and design flexibility — allowing long spans and curves to be easily incorporated into functional designs.

Durable and Safe with a Long Lifespan

With an exceptional resistance to fire, corrosion, and pests, steel framed buildings are the first choice for extreme environmental conditions.

1-3 Hour UL Assemblies

FRAMECAD can accommodate to any UL assembly that can be met using metal stud framing, allowing for complete design flexibility.


  • Prefabricated stud wall panels: exterior and interior load bearing, exterior curtain/by-pass walls and interior partitions
  • Complete turn-key solution
  • Floor trusses in multitude of depths and spans
  • Roof trusses in a variety of profiles
  • Blocking trusses
  • 75% faster build times
  • ICC Certified and meet IBS codes 2009, 2012, and 2015

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As the exclusive manufacturer in the Rocky Mountain Region, turn to Douglass Colony for all your FRAMECAD design build needs.