To install 11,926 terracotta panels across 20 stories, all customized to their specific placement, while thousands of pedestrians walked under the scaffolding each day, the developers of The Coloradan needed experts in safety and precision. That’s why they called Douglass Colony.

The unique aesthetic of The Coloradan evokes Colorado’s “purple mountains majesty” downtown. It occupies the B Block between the RTD rail platforms and Wewatta Street. It doesn’t get much more downtown than that! All work was completed from swing stages and scaffolding over the public walkways. Safety had to be the top priority.

We assigned a full-time safety inspector to enforce exceptionally strict safety guidelines. Each day, crews tagged in and out of the swing stages, inspecting them in the worming to make sure they were operational and locking them out at the end of the day. Each employee had to go through a site specific safety training course and another specifically for the swing stages and scaffolding.

There was similarly little room for error with the construction itself. The terracotta panels selected were custom built by NeaCera in Germany and then prepared at our facility in Commerce City. There was so much design and color variation amongst the panels that all 11,926 had to be delivered in the right size and color at the right time and sequenced correctly so that construction could proceed smoothly. With the panels coming from Germany, 6 months of lead time were required and the skin system had very tight tolerances. The bypass walls however, did not have as tight of tolerances. Therefore, the walls and the panel system required special care and attention to detail to reconcile correctly.

In the end, Douglass Colony installed 60,000 square feet of three-color terracota system, aluminum Z-girts and mineral wool covering the entire exterior, 70,000 square feet of rain screen metal composite panels, and 20,000 square feet of brown box rib screen wall panels. The project was completed on time and safely. That’s the level of professionalism you can expect when you hire Douglass Colony.