1401 Lawrence

Douglass Colony takes pride in its broad-scope contribution to this building that included custom designed and built perforated garage panels; roofing, waterproofing, deep rib Morin panels on levels 23 and 24; flush-seam panels in the mechanical rooms/wells; flush seam soffits around the balcony; small standing seam roofing over the garage mechanical unit; ACM panels at various locations; and the installation of a zinc panel “art wall.”
From the very beginning of Douglass Colony’s involvement on 1401, the challenges were clear with extreme circumstances unique to the project’s nature. Downtown Denver is crowded, leaving very little space to arrange a comfortable and conducive construction zone. In the case of 1401, a 24-story building erected within a space spanning a quarter of a downtown city block, no lay-down area existed, nor did room for more than one truck, and there was an incredibly small window of crane space and use. This called for an innovative, cooperative, and flexible approach to scheduling, productivity, and methodology.