Denver Commercial Roofing: Prepare for the Winter Season

Prepare for the Winter Season

Colorado winters can certainly be harsh, especially on your roofing system.  With extreme weather fluctuations and heavy snows to high winds and rains, your roof battles extreme weather elements on a daily basis.  That’s why it’s of dire importance that your roof is in proper working order and free of leaks, clogged gutters and other conditions that could negatively impact the life of the roof system, jeopardize the safety of your patrons, and result in costly maintenance repairs down the road.  While a leak is an easy indicator of a problem, many others may not be as easily noticed by the untrained eye.  Routine semi-annual roof check-ups by Douglass Colony Group, the top-notch Denver Commercial Roofing company, will improve the life of your roof and reduce the chances of unnecessary costly repairs down later on.

As a leading Denver Commercial Roofing company, Douglass Colony Group can perform any services needed on your roofing system.  Douglass Colony Group offers a program called “Clean and Inspect” which is designed to prepare your roof for the upcoming winter season.  The roofing experts will walk your roof to inspect it for any damages or causes for future concerns, ponding issues, and clogged gutters.  A detailed inspection report, complete with pictures, will be provided to the owner along with a recommended course of action.  Call the Douglass Colony Service Department today to set up your inspection at 303-288-2635 or toll free at 1-877-288-0650 or email directly at

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