Commercial Solar Can Change Your Business’s Bottom Line

Is your electric bill is one of your major expenses you have to pay each month? This is why a lot of people are turning to alternative energy options like solar photovoltaic (PV). In the US, solar has become one of the most prominent new sources of power, one of the biggest contributors to this expansion being businesses. There are over 32,000 facilities in the U.S. that have moved towards solar solutions. Here’s why local businesses should consider commercial solar in Colorado:

  • Turnkey installation costs are at an all-time low!!!
  • 30% Federal Income Tax Credit
  • Energy savings for all PV power produced
  • Utility incentives are still around, but not for long…Xcel Energy is paying $0.05 cents per kWh produced for 2015 (in addition to your energy savings)
  • Solar PV helps you hedge against rising utility costs (expected to be up 10% in the next two years)
  • Solar PV is clean, renewable, and sustainable source of energy (and comes with a 25 year production warranty)
  • Local CO procurement of as many solar products as possible
  • Live solar data monitoring – use for marketing and educational purposes

If you own a business (or a commercial property) and would like to implement solar energy into your establishment, it is within your reach!

Douglass Colony will gladly perform a free solar analysis for your company! We will do a complete site inspection and provide turnkey pricing and detailed financial/ROI data.

Douglass Colony installs solar on rooftops, ground mount, parking canopies, vertical walls and custom awnings/sunscreens – no matter what type of install you would like, we have it!

Call Kate at 303-288-2635 today to discuss what your business has to gain by installing a solar photovoltaic system.

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