Make your Roof a Livable Space!

Livable Space on Roof Tops

More and more building owners are learning about the benefits of creating a livable space on their roof tops.  Adding plaza pavers, decks, pools, seating areas, and more allows your roof to serve as a refuge for employees and residents where they can enjoy both the beautiful weather and the breathtaking views of the city skyline.

There are a variety of ways to utilize the full potential of your rooftop and some options will actually save you money in the end.

  • Plaza pavers/terraces are a popular option with multiple color designs and leveled pedestal systems available.  This is a great option to allow employees and patrons to walk around and enjoy rooftop access.  Douglass Colony installs a variety of plaza paver options in conjunction with the appropriate waterproofing systems.
  • Garden roofing systems provide a variety of benefits to building owners and patrons alike.  Garden roofs reduce stormwater runoff, provides insulation, and creates a habitat for wildlife, reduces heat island effect. For patrons, garden roofs can serve many purposes.  For example, hospital may use gardens as healing gardens for patients.  Other may use their gardens to grow plants and other vegetation or simply use it as an area to relax or walk their dogs.  Douglass Colony installs a variety of garden roof systems including intensive blends and extensive blends.  A popular option is the interlocking garden tray system.  For all garden systems, Douglass Colony performs the waterproofing measures beforehand.

Building owners are starting to realize the untapped potential with livable space rooftops and are adding features such as gardens, plaza pavers, decks, pools, seating areas and more to create an oasis for employees, patrons and patients.  Douglass Colony installs a variety of waterproofing systems, gardens, and plaza pavers so you can enjoy your rooftop to the fullest.  To learn more about how to make your roof a livable space, contact Douglass Colony today at 1-877-288-0650 or 303-288-2635.

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