Commercial Roofing Summer Maintenance Tips

Commercial Roofing Summer Maintenance Tips

Expansion and contraction of roofing membranes during the high heat summer months can be devastating for many roofing systems.  Membrane shrinkage, splitting seems, and peeling flashings are just a few of the common repairs needed during the warm summer months.  Regular inspections and maintenance during the year can help to prolong the life of your roof and save you money down the road.

Commercial roofing company, Douglass Colony Group, maintains the largest commercial roofing service/maintenance department in the state of Colorado.  Since 1947, Douglass Colony Group has been the premier commercial roofing contractor and continues to lead the industry with innovative, green technologies.  Whether your roof requires small, simple repairs or it is in need of a complete re-roof, Douglass Colony has all your service needs covered.  With crews stationed statewide and emergency services available when you need them most, we can fix your roof problem immediately.

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