Commercial Roof Repair and Service

Commercial Roof Repair & Service

Whether an emergency leak or routine check-up, maintaining the health and integrity of your roof is important.  As the largest commercial roofing contractor in Colorado, Douglass Colony Group can handle all your commercial roof repair and service needs.  Douglass Colony offers the following commercial roof repair services:

  • Roof Inspection Services: Roof inspections are recommended twice a year, sometimes more depending on weather.  Douglass Colony’s “Clean & Inspect” program uses a cloud-based roofing program to provide pictures of defects and deficiencies and budget estimates for repairs and capital expenditures.
  • Preventative Maintenance: Roof inspections and repairs to maintain the life of your roof.
  • Leak Investigation and Repair Services: Douglass Colony can repair rips, tears and punctures, locate leak sources, perform snow removal, replace missing shingles, and provide temporary leak stops during storms.
  • Tenant Finish Services: Douglass Colony can provide cut-ins for mechanical, electrical, and plumbing; fabricate new wall flashings, copings, and metal caps; install roof hatches, demo curbs, pipes, and ducts; and remove old mechanical equipment.
  • Small Project Services: Douglass Colony can perform roof section replacement, re-roofs, and new additions; and install garden roofs, roof hatches, skylights, and gutter linings.

Douglass Colony has been servicing commercial roofs since 1947.  As an Authorized Installer and Approved Applicator, all roof repairs will be done without voiding any existing roof warranties.  To have your roof inspected or repaired, please call 1-877-288-0650 or 303-288-2635 or email our service department directly at

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