Proper Leak Inspection Requires a Professional

Finding leaks inside of a commercial or institutional property can be quite difficult. Even for professionals, it may take a bit of searching around to finally pinpoint the source of a problem.

However, thanks to the systematic leak inspection approach that our maintenance and repair technicians use, we are able to quickly detect and repair any problem.

Leaks typically first become noticeable when a water spot can be seen on the ceiling tile or floor. As a rule of thumb, you should mark these areas with a marker or tape. Over time, even just a few hours, the leak can become too vague to identify, making it difficult to relocate the exact location of the leak. You have a better chance of finding a leak while the water is still running. Once it stops, it’ll be difficult to follow the water trail that is drying up.

The first step of the leak detection process is to pinpoint where the water is exiting the roof system and entering into the building. In most cases, ceiling tile will have to be removed to gain access to spaces above ductwork and pipes. In order to successfully spot the leak, you will need close access to the roof deck’s bottom and have sufficient light to see the area.

The next step is to find the actual point of the leak. A professional inspector will be able to calculate the distance between the water trail and the inside of your roofing system. Sometimes holes will have to be drilled into metal deck ribs or roofing materials may need to be removed in order to examine moisture paths.

Leak investigation is a tedious task, which is why it’s best left to the experts. If you are experiencing a roof leak, don’t hesitate to contact the commercial roofing experts at Douglass Colony.

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