Project Profile: Jefferson County Government Center

Jefferson County Government Center

Douglass Colony originally roofed the Jefferson County Government Center back in 1993.  Lasting a full 20 years, the building was beyond traditional small repairs and required a re-roof.  Douglass Colony was proud to be selected to re-roof this momentous building.

This was a large job.  Douglass Colony re-roofed 106,900 square feet on the main building and of that, 87,370 square feet was adhered EPDM and 19,520 was ballasted EPDM.  The roof installed by Douglass Colony is designed to withstand 120mph winds and has a FM 1-105 approval rating.  Focused on environmentally friendly practices, Douglass Colony salvaged 4” of extruded polystyrene and 1” of wood fiber board insulation.  The thermal value of the salvaged insulation came to r-23, thus resulting in substantial savings for the county.  The thermal value of the finished design was raised to r-30.

Douglass Colony faced a variety of challenges in completing the multiple roof levels of varying sizes.  Court remained in session during the entire commercial re-roofing process.  In order to minimize disruptions due to noise or fumes, much of the work was completed during weekends and off-hours.  Access to the various roof levels was difficult due to the finished landscape around the entire building and entranceways which could not be blocked.  As a result, there was no place for an easy crane set and the project required a larger crane than is typically needed.

Whether new construction or re-roofing a historic building such as the Jefferson County Government Center, Douglass Colony has your commercial roofing needs covered!

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