Safeguard Your Building with Commercial Waterproofing Services

At Douglas Colony Group, we offer professional commercial waterproofing services, which our clients find to be excellent options for protecting buildings against water damage and leaks.

Having the right waterproofing system for your commercial property is important for maintaining a healthy foundation and keeping problems like mold at bay.

Keeping the structural integrity of your building is essential and this is one way to provide that stability for your property.

Below Grade Waterproofing

Some constructions require below grade waterproofing, which requires the expertise of experienced professionals to properly install. There are different types of product specs that can be chosen, such as sheet membrane or reinforced membrane products. We always choose the one that is most suitable for the property at hand.

Horizontal Waterproofing

This is another crucial component for keeping water out of commercial buildings. In this case, we typically place the membrane over finished spaces, such as garden roofs, patios and terraces. Hot-applied reinforced membrane is the most popularly used for the projects we work on requiring horizontal waterproofing.

Garden Waterproofing

In addition to being pleasing to the eye, rooftop gardens can be very beneficial to commercial buildings. In order to bring your rooftop garden to life, you need experts who can properly install garden waterproofing. In our projects, we include pre-engineered interlocking planting modules and monolithic reinforced 215 mil thick waterproofing membranes, which are topped with soil and vegetation. We’re LEED certified professionals, which means your design and application will meet the highest standards.

Plaza Paver Terraces

Our professionals have worked on hundreds of projects that required the installation of plaza paver terraces. We have created a variety of designs for leveled pedestal systems, as well as rooftop spaces. Providing the proper roof terrace waterproofing system to these projects is also our specialty. At the end, you are provided with satisfactory results.

Whether you’re looking for waterproofing for your terraces, rooftop gardens or overall building and property, our commercial contractors can do it all. Call Douglas Colony Group at 303-288-2635 today!

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