The SunWeldTM Prismatic Skylight offers maximum diffused light which results in increased energy savings and value. The unique computer designed tri-arch dome shape manufactured from two layers of high impact acrylic sheet with a K 12 prism pattern, maximizes diffused Visible Light Transmission (VLT) and insures superior mechanical and thermal properties.


The DryLightTM Tubular Skylight is a commercial daylighting system that complements Carlisle’s current DryLight skylight product line by providing solutions for situations where larger industrial skylights may not be cost-effective. These situations could include suspended ceilings, narrow warehousing aisles with high inventory racks, and bridging deck-to-ceiling transition spaces. Two standard sizes, 13” and 21” diameters, are featured and will illuminate approximately 150sf to 300sf of floor space respectively. Drywall and suspended ceiling installations are made possible with either circular ceiling trim ring or with Carlisle’s round-to-square 2×2 transition box kit which includes a flat diffuser panel that snaps into the ceiling gridwork.

Douglass Colony installs Carlisle daylighting systems nationwide. Call 303-288-2635 to learn more about our daylighting products.


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