A Few Reasons to Switch to Commercial Solar Energy

A Few Reasons to Switch to Commercial Solar Energy

With Commercial Solar Energy all over the news these days, you might be wondering if solar energy is right for your building.  With a wide range of solar installation options, such as rooftop, ground mount, awnings and parking structures, solar PV is a feasible option for just about any commercial building.  Installing solar PV will provide you with many benefits including environmental, marketing and financial.  The Environmental benefits include protecting the environment by using clean renewable energy, gaining energy independence by becoming your own power producer, and going carbon neutral by offsetting a significant amount of carbon dioxide.  Marketing benefits include labeling your business as “green” and environmentally sound, working towards or achieving a LEED certification, and displaying your system with a live data monitoring system.  The financial benefits to Commercial Solar Energy include a lower electric bill, reduced effect of utility rate increases, federal tax credits, utility rebates, and accelerated depreciation.

Douglass Colony Group is a leading Commercial solar PV installer and can help you determine the best system for you building.  From design and installation and down the road to maintenance and upkeep, we have all your Commercial Solar Energy needs covered.  All of our solar sales representatives are LEED certified and can help you navigate the tricky, confusing rebate incentive market so you may achieve your desired LEED credits/rating and save the highest amount of money possible.  We offer two solar applications, Crystalline and Thin Film, and offer a variety of installation options including rooftop, ground mount, awnings, and parking structures.  For a free Commercial Solar Energy assessment on your building, visit www.douglasscolony.com or call us at 303-288-2635 or toll free at 1-877-288-0650.

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