Advantages of Steel Framing Construction

When planning a new commercial structure, framing is one of the first and most important decisions you will make. All aspects of your new construction project are important – foundation, roofing, etc. – but framing is a feature that deserves special attention.

Before you make a decision on the framing type your project will utilize, consider the advantages of steel framing construction.

Fire Resistant

You’ve seen the destruction fire can cause, leaving buildings completely leveled and companies out of business. But with the fire resistant qualities of steel frames, you will never have to start all over from scratch. They have been tested and can withstand the high temperatures of fires.

Design-Friendly and Strong

Whatever plans you have for the design of your property, it can be done using versatile steel frames. They are built strong, which is great news in the Rocky Mountain region and other areas that sometimes must deal with high winds.


If you’re worried about the impact your new construction will have on the environment, you’ll be delighted to know that steel frames are eco-friendly. They last a very long time and don’t produce much raw material waste. They also can be fully recycled.

Affordable and Fast

Your budget is an important aspect of your new construction, which is why steel frames offer one more advantage. They are affordable and don’t require skilled labor to erect, making it a quicker and cheaper option.

They can Withstand Earthquakes

Steel frames have been tested in full-scale earthquake simulations and have passed. So, even if your new construction is planned for an area with earthquake concerns, this is a great framing option that will give you peace of mind.

Steel Framing Solutions with FRAMECAD!

We utilize FRAMECAD, the world’s most advanced end-to-end steel frame design and manufacturing system, to give our clients the best results possible.

If you’re interested in learning more about FRAMECAD, or getting started on a steel framing project, call Douglass Colony at 303-288-2635 today!

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