Metals, Roofing, Waterproofing, Terraces/Plaza Pavers

Milo–a 319 unit luxury apartment building at the 9th and Colorado Intersection–has revitalized an aging block and provided newly valuable space to the surrounding community.

To achieve the unique beauty of the Milo building, many trades needed coordinating. Waterproofing, roofing, metal panels, multicolored pavers: all elements needed to come together seamlessly. We had experts in all these areas working under one roof, so coordination came easily.

Another benefit of this was being able to identify efficiencies as the project progressed. Douglass Colony experts realized that a switch from a fully adhered roofing system to mechanically attached roofing could save tremendous time and approximately 25% of the cost of the roof, so we made the change.

Creative thinking made this project possible. Certain materials had tight UV exposure limits, so construction needed to proceed right away as materials arrived. To accommodate this, we built a fabrication area on the job site and employed up to 45 metal installers at a time, making sure no time was wasted transporting materials offsite. Coordinating all of this activity safely was a feat of careful planning.

The paver layout presented another unique opportunity. The plan called for the pool deck to feature three color variations of pavers installed in a completely random pattern. Typically, a crew’s productivity is driven by the rhythm they follow, but asking them to install pavers without a dictated arrangement or sequence does the exact opposite. This required both close attention to detail and a broader understanding of the overall effect.

The safety of the construction crew remained the top priority throughout the process. Douglass Colony employees went through specialized swing stage and scaffolding training before setting foot on the job site to ensure these structures were used safely. At the site, all swing stage work was coordinated to maximize efficiency from one elevation to the next safely. Special care was taken to ensure that no harm came to any crew member despite sometimes the sometimes awkward angles and clearances required.

With careful planning and community involvement, Milo and the surrounding development will be a boon for the area for decades to come.

Year completed


Project Area

63’636 Sq Ft

Project Type


Materials used

Allura Cement Panels

American Hydrotech Monolithic Membrane 6125

DCG 2000 Rainscreen Panel System

Firestone Invisaweld 60mil TPO Membrane

Metal Panels


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