Steel or Metal Trusses- Which is Better?

Steel or Metal Trusses- Which is Better?

Wood trusses have been around for a long time because they offer a cost-effective solution to commercial and residential owners. However, in recent years steel trusses have taken the market by storm due to a variety of reasons.

Metal trusses offer building owners a variety of benefits including:

  • Fire resistance.  Steel is not combustible and is therefore fire resistant.  Wood is not fire resistant.
  • Mold resistance.  Metal trusses are resistant to mold whereas wood trusses are susceptible to it.
  • Rigidity and Durability.  Metal trusses are far more rigid than wood trusses which makes for easier handling and installation.  Plus, truss members will not shrink, split or crack.  Wood trusses are less rigid than metal trusses and wood members are prone to splitting and cracking, which results in added costs for the field repairs and/or replacement of trusses.
  • Design flexibility.  Metal trusses offer significantly enhanced design possibilities because they can be designed and engineered for longer spans than wood trusses and a multitude of roof configurations.
  • Span.  Metal trusses can span greater distances than wood trusses.
  • Ease of installation.  Metal trusses are just as easy to install as wood trusses.  Clips are provided by the truss supplier and engineered to fit not only the chord and web profiles but are also designed for specific bearing conditions.

Light gauge steel trusses are quickly growing in popularity in commercial applications due to design, flexibility, UL rated assemblies, ease of installation, and reduced lead times for shop drawings and fabrication.  Douglass Colony provides consulting services for design, engineering and complete design build for cold-formed light gauge steel trusses for commercial, industrial and custom residential applications.

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