In accordance with the VA’s commitment to serving veterans, Douglass Colony was committed to providing quality service, materials, and expertise in completing its scope on this gargantuan and somewhat formidable project. It would be hard to say if this company has ever faced a project more challenging, testing, and controversial than the Veteran’s Administration Replacement Hospital, but despite a scope of daunting magnitude and the shocking duration of the project, Douglass Colony stepped up to the challenge.
In its entirety, the VA hospital includes 13 individual buildings, and Douglass Colony completed the roofing, garden roofing, 100,000 square feet of at grade and below grade waterproofing, sheet metal flashing and trim, and 300,000 square feet of damp proofing for all of them. As if the amount of work was not imposing enough, Douglass Colony turned to new, unique, and at times onerous systems and methodologies in order to provide the highest degree of excellence while meeting all of the building and government requirements.