What Metal services does Douglass Colony Group Offer?

Commercial Metals For Your Building

With in-house design and fabrication capabilities, Douglass Colony offers a variety of customized metal products perfect for your building.  Douglass Colony installs commercial metal roofs that not only enhance the visual aesthetics of your commercial building but also can lengthen the life of your roof to last 50 years or more.  Metal roofing is a popular options as architectural metals are highly durable, lightweight, available in countless colors and an excellent way to brand your business.

Douglass Colony is a leading commercial metal wall panel manufacturer and offers a variety of colors and finishes including aluminum, copper, zinc, stainless steel and rusting steel.  Douglass Colony also offers ACM (Aluminum Composite Material) metal wall panels perfect for new construction or renovations for institutional, municipal, office, commercial and retail buildings.  ACM metal wall panels offers a flat metal panel look without exposed fasteners, ribs or oil-canning.  ACM panels are attractive, low maintenance and feature an optional Fire-rated core (FR).

Douglass Colony designs and fabricates a wide range of customized metal sunscreens to fit you building design needs.  We provide countless options to customize your sunscreen including blade options, size, design, attachment methods, and color/finishing options.  From cantilevered designs to complex tie rod concepts, we can design and fabricate any sunscreen system for your project.

Douglass Colony also offers light-gauge steel trusses for your commercial, industrial and custom residential application needs.  Light-gauge steel trusses have design flexibility, UL rated assemblies, ease of installation, and reduced lead times for shop drawings and fabrications.

To learn more about the metal products offered by Douglass Colony Group, contact us today at 303-288-2635 or toll free at 1-877-288-0650.

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