Benefits of the Garden Roof

Benefits of the Garden Roof

Business owners and property managers are keen on installing Commercial Green Roofing systems due to the myriad of benefits garden roofs offer.  Garden roofs lead to financial savings through lower heating and cooling costs by shielding your building from the harshest rays of the sun and helping to maintain a more constant roof temperature.  Garden roofs are good for the environment because they clean the air and produce oxygen.  In addition, they minimize stormwater runoff, reduce the urban heat island effect, minimize the need/cost of re-roofing, and provide a livable area for both humans and wildlife.

More specifically Garden Roofing benefits include:

  • Financial Savings: Garden roofs provide protection from UV rays to the roofing system and stabilize the temperature at a constant rate.  Therefore, your roof will never get extremely hot or cold and this reduces the strain on your heating and cooling system, thus saving you money.

Since a garden roof covers your roofing membrane, it can certainly help it last longer- – in fact, even decades longer.  The garden roof shields your roofing membrane from UV rays, wind, freeze/thaw cycles, and extreme temperature fluctuations which results in reduced costs and minimized demand for re-roofing.

  • Environmental Benefits: Garden roofs provide numerous benefits to the environment including production of oxygen and a natural habitat for birds and insects.  They also help to decrease stormwater runoff by slowing the water down for absorption into the garden roof.  Once absorbed into the plants, the moisture is slowly released back into the atmosphere.

Garden roofs are a terrific solution to reduce the urban heat island effect.  Temperatures in cities are typically 10-20 degrees warmer than the temperature around it due to the solar radiation absorption on concrete and asphalt.  Garden roofs absorb the heat and use it to grow the plants while keeping your roof cooler and your energy costs lower.

  • Livable Area: Garden roofs are a creative solution to expand your livable area.  Often used in conjunction with plaza pazers, garden roofs can be used to grow crops or simply a nice walk outside while still at the office.

Douglass Colony Group is one of the top Commercial Roofing contractors in the U.S. and can service all your roofing, metals, solar, garden roofing, and waterproofing needs from the ground up.   As an industry leader for over 60 years, Douglass Colony has the knowledge and expertise to get your waterproofing and garden roofing projects done right.  Douglass Colony offers horizontal and vertical waterproofing applications and a variety of garden roofing systems including pre-engineered interlocking planting modules and monolithic reinforced 215mil. thick waterproofing membrane with topping soil and vegetation.  Planting options include extensive and intensive blends.  Call Douglass Colony Group today to learn more about garden roofing at 303-288-2635 or toll free at 1-877-288-0650 or visit us online at

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