Douglass Colony embraces a zero tolerance culture of safety as the organizational standard. How do you achieve a zero tolerance safety culture? You must build a healthy and enforceable program that is replicated from floor to CEO with each man sharing a common safety vision and buy in from all. You must conduct comprehensive hazard reduction training for all field employees and provide refreshers and updates constantly to remain compliant. You must remain vigilant and focused on tracking the trends that indicate programmatic change and then make the necessary changes to remain ahead of the loss indicators. You must mandate all foremen, superintendents and lead men are 30-hour OSHA certified and committed to positive change in the field.  Lastly you must realize that change is not overnight and you must stay committed during the long years of change ahead. As a result, Douglass Colony’s safety record is one of the best in the industry (incredibly low Experience Modification Rate) and general contractors select Douglass Colony because of its impeccable safety record.

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