Terumo BCT’s new three-story, 120,000 square-foot headquarters is built upon the key themes of globalism, innovation, collaboration, and learning. It provides a gateway to other buildings on the company’s Lakewood campus and provides the space to enhance the global connections between itsassociates. Taking on this project, Douglass Colony Group knew it would be unique, as such an innovative company deserved a headquarters that would adequately portray its cutting-edge, pioneering image, but Douglass Colony was up for the challenge. DCG completed the entire skin of the building (with the exception of the windows), using exotic, high-end materials such as Parklex real wood panels and pre-weathered Jarden zinc panels and installing from the wall sheathing out. All of the Parklex and Zinc panels were custom made for an exact fit on the building, and the entire building was scanned using a cloud point scanner to achieve precise measurements. The use of these materials and methods produced something not only practical and efficient, but also astounding and visionary in its appearance.

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