Steel Trusses

Douglass Colony + Steel

With increasing safety and structural demands, steel is quickly replacing wood in the commercial truss industry. Douglass Colony offers innovative cold-formed, light gauge commercial steel trusses designed for commercial, industrial, and custom residential buildings. The components for our truss systems are supplied by ITW TrusSteel, an international company with nearly 60 years of combined expertise in the truss and cold-formed steel building products industry. All components are assembled in our ITW TrusSteel-approved and certified fabrication facility. We design, fabricate and supply truss packages to light gauge framing contractors and general contractors and have the expertise to ensure that your project will be completed on time and per specifications.

Benefits of Steel

Sturdy and Durable

Fire, corrosion, and pest resistant – the perfect choice for extreme environmental conditions.

Fast and Easy

Light gauge steel requires less manpower to erect.

Design Flexibility

Allows long spans and curves to be easily incorporated into functional designs.

Pre-engineered and prefabricated

Removes the need for in-field cutting, saving time. With ITW’s engineered steel member design you get more loads with less material.


Pre-tested ratings for easy design

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