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Firestone SunWave Domes

The SunWave Daylight System consists of a fixed industrial double glazed domed skylight of impact modified acrylic or polycarbonate plastic lenses, with a thermally insulated extruded aluminum frame that is weather tight and covered by a Firestone warranty. Firestone SunWave Domes are used in roofing systems for industrial, retail, commercial, and educational buildings as a source of daylighting in place of electrical lighting. The lighting performance of a SunWave Dome provides superior visible light transmittance as well as optimal 100% diffused light distribution without causing glare, Ultraviolet (UV) radiation or hot spots. The SunWave Dome picks up to 50% more light at low sun angles than standard bubble style skylights. The Firestone SunWave Dome passes a 200 lb (91 kg) drop test from 2’ (0.6m) above highest part of dome and installed domes can support 500 lb/ft2 (227 kg/0.9m2).

Douglass Colony installs Firestone SunWave Daylighting Systems in Colorado and nationwide. Call 303-288-2635 to learn more about our daylighting products.


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