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ACRALIGHT NanoStar Skylights and smoke vents are the only insulated unit skylights and smoke vents manufactured in the western U.S. that utilize NanoGel translucent aerogel insulation, the lightest, most efficient, light transmitting insulation material in the world. The NanoStar unit skylights and smoke vents provide almost 4 times the R-Value over a standard double dome skylight while still achieving excellent light transmittance that is soft, evenly diffused, and aesthetically pleasing for indoor environments. Achieve the benefits of natural daylighting with lower impact on heating, lighting and air conditioning costs. For Green Building and LEED projects, the NanoStar is Eco-Daylighting at its best.

Douglass Colony installs Acralight Daylighting Systems nationwide. Contact us at 303-288-2635 to learn more about our daylighting products.


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