Advantages of Metal Wall Panels in New Commercial Construction

You can find metal wall panels being used just about everywhere, including in libraries, college buildings and skyscrapers. They are popular as much for their beautiful appearance as their ability to protect a structure from the elements.

Metal wall panels used in commercial construction projects are often made of aluminum. However, there are several different types of metals and alloys to choose from, each with their own benefits.

The Different Types of Panels

There are four different kinds of metal wall panel systems:

  • Lap-seam metal: Made out of metal sheets and are typically ship-lapped with panels that are adjacent.
  • Composite metal: These are stronger than lap-seam, since they are made of two metal sheets that are adhered to a core material. They also have insulation built in.
  • Flat plate: Best used when peak resistance to high impact and durability are needed.
  • Metal-faced composite: Made of metal facings that are adhered to a thermoplastic core that is thin. Doesn’t have the same resistance to high impact, since it’s nearly half the thickness of a flat plate.

Benefits of Using Metal Wall Panels

Metal wall panels come with a variety of functions that can benefit a commercial building. For example, it acts as a rain screen, drainage system and barrier, protecting the walls from too much heat, air and water.

At the same time, metal panels will help to reduce energy consumption of the building. Since metal wall panels aren’t flammable, they can’t catch fire either. A lot of people find metal paneling to be appealing, adding beauty and interesting design to potentially drab buildings like corporate headquarters.

If you are considering a new construction project involving metal wall panels or commercial roofing in Denver, call Douglas Colony today at 303-288-2635!

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