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FRAMECAD is the world’s most advanced end-to-end steel frame design and manufacturing system, producing cold-formed steel frames for a wide variety of applications. Able to complete over 25,000 engineering calculations per square meter of roof and walls in just seconds, the system allows us to finish builds, from design to completion, in a fraction of the time. As the sole contractor utilizing FRAMECAD in Denver and the Rocky Mountain region, only Douglass Colony can offer this incredible technology.

FRAMECAD Capability Highlights


  • Use your existing design or have Douglass Colony FRAMECAD expert designers guide you through a custom design.
  • Design software delivers robust and reliable structures every time.
  • Removes need for the framing contractor to retain an engineer to design and seal shop drawings.
  • Douglass Colony provides engineer-sealed shop drawings.


  • The incredible accuracy of the FRAMECAD system allows our team to mass produce cold-formed steel frames to precisely match the needs of your project.
  • End-to-end steel frame connectors are designed for durability, performance, and rapid construction. It’s the most advanced, efficient end-to-end steel frame building solution, and requires only 1/4 of the in-field time of conventional framing.
  • Other features include prefabricated stud wall panels (exterior and interior load bearing, exterior curtain / by-pass walls and interior partitions), floor trusses in a multitude of depths and spans, roof trusses in a variety of profiles, and blocking trusses.


  • What is FRAMECAD?

    FRAMECAD is a 30 year old New Zealand software and equipment company with manufacturing partners in over 60 countries worldwide. Douglass Colony was the first company to bring this advanced end-to-end steel frame design and manufacturing solution to the United States allowing us to produce panelized metal stud framing in a controlled factory setting.

  • When should FRAMECAD be brought in on a project?

    FRAMECAD should be brought in early in the project to work directly with the architect and engineer to ensure the most efficient design. The FRAMECAD solution can improve every phase of the CFS framing process, even if it was not designed in FRAMECAD originally.

  • What part of a project can you frame with FRAMECAD?

    With FRAMECAD you are able to design and build everything up from the foundation, including all load bearing and non-load bearing walls along with floor and roof trusses.

  • Can FRAMECAD handle multiple stories?

    Yes. Mid-rise buildings (5 or 6 levels) in cold-formed steel are more common and economical and many have been constructed throughout for the past 20 or more years. FRAMECAD has the ability to go up to 12 stories of framing and possibly more depending on loads.

  • How does FRAMECAD affect the project schedule?

    With FRAMECAD’s speed of production and ease of erection, framing can be completed in just ¼ of the time when compared to conventional framing. Douglass Colony can produce panel sizes limited only by shipping restrictions.

  • Building codes, UL, STC ratings?
    • IBC: 2015 & 2018
    • 1-3 hour UL fire assemblies for floor and ceiling
    • STC ratings of 54 and greater
    • ICC Certified

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