100 Steele (CODA Apartments)

Bold. If there is one word to describe this project that would be it, pertaining to both the action of constructing this apartment complex and to its appearance with unique materials creating vivid color and texture combinations. This project was abundant with risks, constructing a 12-story building on a plot of land the exact size of the building with no extra space in a high-traffic and high-profile area with all custom made and designed materials. However, Douglass Colony did not shy away from what could have easily been viewed as an adverse situation and rose to the challenge, and the final product proved to be worth it: a beautiful apartment complex with a strong and vivid appearance.
On this project, Douglass Colony’s scope included Fundermax high pressure laminate panels with a wood grain finish on the exteriors of the building, Firestone ribbed metal panels, sheet metal flashings and trim, composite panels, Firestone white TPO roofing application, and porcelain TileTech pavers on the amenity deck.