The Benefits of Daylighting Systems

The Benefits of Daylighting Systems

With all the efforts to go green these day, business owners hear a tremendous amount about solar, gardens, and other energy saving measures.  One of the less-known energy-efficient, money-saving products on the market are daylighting (also known as skylighting) systems.  Daylighting systems harness the power of the sun and uses it to illuminate building spaces.  This allows building to not rely solely on electrical use during the day.  So, how does the product work?  Well, it’s actually quite simple.  Natural light is captured through a dome and filtered down through a reflective system where it is then dispersed evenly throughout the room with a diffuser.  Daylighting systems provide consistent lighting and energy efficiency at a fraction of the cost of most efficient electrical lighting systems.

Daylighting systems provide a myriad of benefits:

–          Daylighting systems are safe.  They will not produce glare, hot sports or UV rays that may potentially damage merchandise or equipment.

–          Typical energy savings yielded from a daylighting system ranges between 15% and 40%.

–          Daylighting systems can increase the value of a property as they cost less to operate and maintain.

–          Daylighting minimizes the amount of artificial light and reduces electrical costs.

–          Daylighting is directly correlated with increased productivity amongst employees, students and even clients or retail customers.

–          Daylighting has a direct impact on productivity, well-being and overall sense of happiness or satisfaction.

Douglass Colony offers a variety of daylighting systems in Denver, Colorado, and the Midwest, including Firestone, Carlisle, Solatube, and Acralight.  Call or email Douglass Colony Group today to learn more about how daylighting options can save you money at 303-288-2635 or toll-free at 1-877-288-0650 or visit

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